Executive Briefing: Self-Service and Kiosk Usability


“Usability” is shorthand for any type of approach that makes interfaces easy to learn and easy to use, and makes them perform in ways that increase user satisfaction. Kiosks that are easy to use have been shown to sell more, hold users for longer periods of time, enhance the store’s overall reputation and lead to repeat visits.


In this report, you’ll learn the basics of effective kiosk and self-service interface design. That includes:

  • The five basic steps in designing a navigation scheme
  • Nine common challenges to good user interface (UI) design – and their solutions
  • The price of usability and the ROI of self-service

This report also includes a directory of more than 40 providers that can help you continue your research.

If self-service is a part of your business plan, now or in the future, do not overlook this crucial aspect of making it happen and doing it right. Download your copy today!