Mobile Banking and Payments Security


What banks and payment service providers need to know to keep their customers safe.


The popularity of banking and online shopping on smartphones and tablets, merchant adoption of mobile point-of-sale devices such as Square and the emergence of mobile wallets and near field communication (NFC) payment services mean that ensuring the security of mobile transactions and the privacy of customers’ data is critical.

Mobile devices face the same security risks as PCs and laptops, including malicious apps, viruses and other types of malware and intrusions. However, the security technologies being developed to protect mobile devices are not as mature as the Internet security software designed for PCs.

This report delves into the critical components of mobile payment security, including:

  • Threats
  • FFIEC Banking Security Guidelines
  • PCI
  • Mobile Payments Authentication Technologies

Mobile merchants need to do everything possible to protect their customers, making this report a must-read.

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