Executive Briefing: Tablet Computing for Retail


Discover the benefits of bringing tablet computing technology into the retail environment. This report will show you how tablet technology puts real power in the hands of retail associates, while making a minimal impact on existing IT systems.

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Giving retail customers what they want when they want it depends on keeping the right products flowing from manufacturer to distributor to stockroom – and finally, to the customer. Tracking the process is vital to a smooth maintenance of that product stream.

That’s what makes multitasking tablet computers an indispensable tool for today’s retail environments. Barcode and RFID readers, card swipes and high-speed wireless connectivity are the essential elements of user-friendly tablet systems in retail.

In this report, you’ll get quickly up to speed on how tablet computers can improve your stores’ performance and profitability, while at the same time improving the customer experience.

You’ll learn:

  • How tablets can assist retailers with project management, collaboration, supply management and risk management
  • What the emerging technology trends in retail currently are
  • Which tablet systems are hardened for retail
  • How a collective of 850 grocery stores is using tablet technology to simplify order entry and streamline operations – and how much money they are saving in the process

As a bonus, the report contains an 89-page directory of providers, grouped by type: manufacturers of tablets and accessories, as well as the companies that build the software tools that run on them.

The power could be in your hands . download your copy today!